Sunday, 20 February 2011

More Home Cooking and why.....

Over the last couple of years, since I have been more home based, I have put a lot more effort into cleaning up our family diet.  It has been a slow process in many ways, but out have gone the processed foods, containing dodgy chemicals and additives, and in have come organic produce and more raw foods.  The process is by no means complete, but much progress has been made.  

For example the Microwave has been discarded, initially, delegated to sterilysing dishclothes, but now removed completely. There are many articles on the internet casting doubt on the nutritional value of food after microwaving, so erring on the side of caution, this has gone!

High Fructose Corn Syrup, (HFCS) appears highly suspect.  There is of course much data available disproving the dangers, but I have now read enough to be sure that it is not something I want in our diet. Most factory produced cakes, biscuits and squashes contain HFCS, so I am buying less and home baking more.  Actually, the time usually runs out before I get round to baking so even better for us, eating less sugary foods altogether!

The Aspartame in most diet products means for me, dieting is back to eating sensibly rather than taking the easy 'low calorie' route. It seems clear that whenever a manufacturer removes sugar or fats to make a product 'low calorie' the chemicals that are added in their place are more harmful than the 'fattening' item that has been removed!  If it says 'Diet' on the packet, it gets left on the shop shelf!

I could go on...  I would love to be able to claim that we are all living a healthy vegan or raw diet, but that is not the case, but where I see enough credible evidence, I seek to remove the items from our diet. 

For me over the counter pharmaceutical drugs are out now too.  A glass of water, usually clears a headache.  Alcohol is for special occasions, and even then in small quantities if at all, rather than an everyday item.

Is it worth the effort?  It is for me. I have got rid of joint pain, brain fog, and many other horrid symptoms..... a few more to sort out still, but I am 100% that this is the way..... and now on with adding some recipes, even naughty ones... at least if I am making it I know what has gone into it.

I read somewhere, and cannot remember the exact quote, but if you read the ingredients on shop bought food, "If you cannot pronounce it, don't eat it!"  Sounds right to me!

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