Monday, 13 September 2010

Say NO to Streatham Ice rink's DEMOLITION!

"We say NO to closing Streatham Ice Rink before a replacement rink is built at the Streatham Hub site and is fully operational."

"We say NO to any Temporary Rinks that are not fit for purpose. The proposed Temporary rink in Brixton’s Popes Road breaks promises made to ensure continuity of ice skating provision in Streatham; it’s too small, has Health and Safety issues, not enough parking, too few seats, and travel from Streatham is snarled up daily. The people of Brixton do not want it there either."

"We say NO to any more losses of sports facilities in Streatham."

Sign the petition here.  Please remember to click the link in the email that is sent to you to verify your signature.

The rink has been under threat of closure for years now, by Tesco who bought the building and land some years ago.  However negotiations between Tesco and Lambeth Council had ensured that a satisfactory solution seemed to have been found.  Tesco had agreed to build a replacement Ice rink on adjacent land before the existing rink was demolished to be replaced with a supermarket.  However since the recession Tesco have now gone back on their word saying the solution is too expensive.  Lambeth and Tesco have come up with an alternative plan to put a temporary rink into the centre of Brixton while the development is built in one go.

Problem is the Brixton solution does not provide the ‘Continuity of Service’ that has always been promised, as it is not full size, does not have adequate parking, is difficult to get to for people in cars and coaches because of its location and the existing traffic.  Existing businesses there already have inadequate parking.  There is also the risk that Tesco could in the end find it ‘too expensive’ to build the rink at all.  Leaving us with only a fun size rink, and at that one that is not fit for purpose permanently.

Please help us by signing our petition to persuade Tesco and Lambeth to return to the original plan.

Please after signing, check for a confirmation email in your inbox or spam folder and click on the link to verify your signature or it will not count.

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