Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Vaccine Zombie by Michael Adams - The Health Ranger

Friday, 6 August 2010

Bookcrossing in a nutshell

I'm a keen bookcrosser, both as a way of disposing of books that I don't choose to sell but also as a way of passing on and sharing my own beloved books.  Lets face it we cannot keep them all, interesting and treasured as they may seem.  Somehow registering them online and releasing them does not seem too much like losing them at all.

I currently have my own bookshelf, Long Neck Books to look after.  Released books were up to 1,500 the last time I looked.  I have been releasing books for old school friends too, who have been passing on their recently deceased parent's books.  Actually the bookshelf that takes more of my time is the one that I have set up at the Kiosk in South Norwood Park & Lake.  The park is a beautiful one in South London.  I hope that the South Norwood Bookcrossing Zone adds something to the park, I certainly believe it does.

For anyone who has not heard of bookcrossing, here are a few words in a nutshell.  I am not sure who can be credited with writing this, certainly not me, but it does help to understand the whole concept.

Happy reading and sharing everyone!

what is bookcrossing?
BookCrossing is the act of releasing books “into the wild” and then following their journeys and the lives they touch.  BookCrossing.com is the website that makes it all possible.

when did it start?
The BookCrossing idea was conceived in March of 2001, and the website was launched about four weeks later, on April 17, 2001. Growth the first eleven months was slow, with only about 100 new members each month. That all changed in March of 2002 with a one-page story in Book magazine, which started an avalanche of media attention that continues today.  The result of the great press and the novel idea is that now around 350 new BookCrossers sign up at the website each day.

who is doing it?
The 287,000+ BookCrossers who have registered 1.37 million books (as of September 3, 2004) come from all age and demographic categories, the largest being women age 25-45. Membership at the website is free, so all that is required is access to the internet and a love for BookCrossing.

where are they doing it?
BookCrossing is a global phenomenon, with members from over 150 countries from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. The United States leads the way, followed by Canada, the UK, Australia, Italy, Spain and Germany. Books know no geographical boundaries, and are often released at overseas travel destinations.

how does it work?
BookCrossers register their books at the website so that each has its own BCID BookCrossing ID number), which is used to “tag” or label the book inside the cover. People who “catch” a wild book follow the instructions on the label to go to
www.bookcrossing.com to see where the book has been and to make a new journal entry so that other BookCrossers know it’s in good hands.

why are they doing it?
BookCrossing combines serendipity, adventure, altruism and literature in a unique mix that true bibliophiles find irresistible. With its similarity to releasing messages in a bottle, or notes in helium balloons, BookCrossing harkens back fond childhood memories. With its connection to literacy, BookCrossing makes an ideal activity with which parents and teachers can encourage children to appreciate both reading and sharing.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What a brilliant man! Sir Ken Robinson

Have just watched this video on TED.com. It is not the first time either, but he had me laughing out loud again! As a home educator someone who has rejected our existing school system in favour of an unschooled approach, I guess it is not surprising, but I do love to have my own gut feelings articulated occasionally by someone I can recognise as knowing what he is talking about. Someone who has an education, and all those qualifications to prove it.... Well if that proves anything at all of course.

I just wish that some of those 4 million people who watched his previous video were the people in this country responsible for our current schooling system. People who might have the ability if they had the will however to not just reform the system but take it apart and rebuild it. If only....

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on TED.com

For anyone who has not seen or heard of Sir Ken Robinson before, here is his previous talk, inspirational and again funny.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on TED.com

I have read only read one of his books but I can thoroughly recommend it. The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

...there are a few more of Sir Ken's books here:

Eco Balls!

It is ages since we moved house, and I have been meaning to post something here ever since, but life rushes on so fast, and what can I say after such a long absence. Well there is my bookcrossing zone to talk about, home education, health issues, religion, business, politics, the list is endless, but this is what has caught my attention.....
Ecozone Ecoballs!  Well I cannot believe I am so amused with these. True, I have been cleaning up our act big time just recently, our food and drink is becoming clearer of chemicals and additives, much to the alternating amusement and irritation of the family! We are eating as much of our food organic as we can, as much still raw as is reasonable at this stage on our path to natural good health. But thanks to an occasional shopping trip with big son yesterday I came across Ecozone Ecoballs.  Well these are a money saver as well as eco friendly.  Two re-usable eco balls go into the washing machine along with the washing, no chemical detergent at all, and the washing comes out clean, infact sparkling white in the case of a white wash, clean smelling, well without a trace of odour of any type!  How do they work?  Well actually I am embarrassed to say I am not entirely sure, but I am fascinated!

Embarrassing!  I sound like the 2010 equivalent to a 1950's housewife, who would have thought it.  It is all in the science, perhaps it will be next week's science project on our home education path......

A few more eco friendly products here. Think I will try the Anti-Limescale Ballnext...