Monday, 7 March 2011

What could be more important than good health?

A couple of years ago, after a series of family set backs.  Double redundancies, business difficulties, selling our much loved home etc, I was left depressed, weak and debilitated.  Visits to the doctor really achieved little as I was not in their eyes 'ill' but neither was I 'well'.  It was left up to me to find a way of bringing my mind and body back to wellness.

I searched the internet, read everything I could lay my hands on about illness, nutrition and vitamin & minerals.  By a combined effort I have coaxed myself back to heath.  Initially, I learned about raw foods, and juicing and the wonders of superfoods, but I am sure that anyone who has tried juicing will admit that it takes a huge commitment to keep juicing all the time.

Imagine my excitement recently when I discovered some products that have the beneficial effects of juicing, without the continual fandango of shopping, washing, juicing and cleaning all the equipment afterwards.  Oh it is nice to juice, but who has the time every day?  I am told that there are 97 reasons to use Limu Plus! and I do not think convenience was even listed as one of them.  Check out further the full benefits of this amazing tonic. 

But perhaps my personal favourite item in this range is the VitaOne multi vitamin product.  It has the benefit of the nutrition that I include in my home made juices, but it is just so convenient!  Each daily allowance comes in a handy pack of that day's tablets.  Conveniently priced too, as it works out at about £1 a day.  Pop a few packs into a handbag or briefcase and they can be taken even after leaving home in the morning.

Ok, well I have to admit that I am so impressed that I now have my own website of these products.  When I find something really good, I just want to share it with family and friends.  I will tell you of the other great things in this range later, unless you want to have a look for yourself.........  website here

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