Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Twittering - been doing it all my life

Now twitter, this is more up my street! I tend to talk all the time, filling all gaps with a fair amount of whitter, so as you can imagine twitter is for me.

Like all new gadgets, it takes a while for it to filter through to friends and family, so when I signed up on the 5th September, I was searching frantically for someone to follow, or to follow me.

Ah phew, husband to the rescue, although that just gives him another way to ask if dinner is ready yet!

Still it is now catching on with friends and my followers are increasing. This may have something to do with the fact that I let slip that Stephen Fry no less is following me! I don't need to tell everyone that he is following me because I follow him do I?

The ability to feed Twitter updates to my Facebook, Plaxo, this blog, updating my status from my iPhone while sitting on a bus, train, beach, cafe, park, son's activities all really appeal to me. I have lost count of the the number of times over the years I have meant to write down all the funny things that kids say to me, well now I twitter it!

Take a look to the right of the page and you will see my twitters for the day. Follow me at: www.twitter.com/KarenAtLongNeck

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